About Me

Travel and music….they pretty much go hand in hand don’t they? Well I think they do! This blog will look at ways to enhance your listening pleasure and your travel experiences. As an ex travel agent who now freelances as a travel writer it’s fair to say if I haven’t been there, I want to go there.

I am also an avid music fan. I listen to anything and everything….except jazz, I draw the line there sorry. Having dabbled in the music industry briefly in my early twenties (working for a well known headphone manufacturer but we’ll delve into that in another post) I am still a keen follower of the best gear to hear your favorite sounds on. I’m constantly following the industry to see what amazing new things the big brains in the tech departments have thought up. I have a few contacts in the industry that provide me with great tips and tricks as well as sometimes the odd freebie to review. You can be assured that these are completely independent and I write what I think….not what the company wants you to think.

Travel is how I make my bread and butter these days so there’ll be lots of posts about my adventures. I’m definitely more “off the beaten track” type of guy, so if that’s your bag then stay tuned. I’ve been lucky enough to earn a living from my passion and I’m looking forward to sharing that passion with you!

Life is short, search easy, listen hard.